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PBS holds exclusive manufacturing and/or distribution rights to a wide variety of superior quality, energy efficient, environmentally responsible products that allows the
company to offer clients one-stop-shopping for construction capability to LEED platinum standards.
This vertical, integrated approach provides PBS clients a significant reduction of the time, effort and expense associated with researching, evaluating and costing products necessary for the successful, cost-effective completion of energy efficient and environmentally progressive projects.
The articles below provide a brief outline of the attributes of each individual product represented. For further information, please contact Paradigm Building Solutions Inc. via telephone,
fax or email.
Paradigm represents an excellent line of exterior finishes that includes a full range of Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS) providing the ultimate in moisture control, air leakage, durability and product performance, for buildings of any size, regardless of cladding material.

EIFS provides superior energy efficiency, flexibility of texture and design and unlimited colour selection. Architectural detailing, such as arches, cornices, columns and keystones is more cost effective with EIFS. For conventional cement plasters, the polymer stucco systems produce a striking, distinctive appearance for any building or residence.

Acrylic modified cement based coatings transform old, deteriorating concrete into beautiful decorative faux stone finishes, at competitive prices. These are ideal for walk ways, patios, terraces, pool areas, or any industrial or recreational flooring that requires the appearance and performance of stone.

The virtually endless variety of colours and textures available in the specialty interior wall finishes transform ordinary walls into exquisite works of art.

We also have products for use in the repair and finishing of concrete floors, and for finishing and decorating exterior and interior walls.
PBS represents a unique and innovative suspended concrete flooring system that is suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial construction. This lightweight, cost-effective product provides by far the quickest installation of any intermediate concrete floor.

Employing advanced roll-forming technology and innovative techniques, this flooring incorporates a roll-formed steel joist as an
integral part of the finished concrete and steel composite floor. The key component of this system is the galvanized steel joist,
which offers the benefits of an open webbed truss system at a much more competitive price.
It can be installed on concrete, block, wood or metal stud wall systems. The extensive range of joist depths and topping thicknesses combine to satisfy load-bearing and fire rating requirements for all jurisdictions.
Contractors appreciate the reduced construction time and ease of installation, as well as the elimination of expensive cranes and labor-intensive temporary shoring.

Construction crews appreciate the light load. Two men can easily lift a twenty foot joist. Services are easily accommodated through the joists, delivered to the site ready to install.

The earth absorbs and stores nearly fifty percent of the sun’s heat, maintaining it in the soil at a constant temperature ranging from ten to twenty degrees Celsius or fifty to seventy degrees Fahrenheit, depending on latitude. Geothermal heating and cooling systems capture this natural energy source and utilize it to heat or cool a building depending
upon the season.
Whether the project is residential, commercial or industrial, Paradigm highly recommends investing in a geothermal heating/cooling system, as the advantages and benefits are numerous:
Dramatic Energy Savings Safety
  Due to the earth’s thermal properties, for every electricity unit the geothermal system uses, it generates three to four units of heat energy, an efficiency rating of 300 to 400 percent. Because geothermal systems operate much more efficiently than traditional heating and cooling systems, savings range from thirty to seventy percent. These flexible systems can also provide the heating for hot water tanks, saunas, hot tubs and swimming pools.   There is no flame or flue, nor any risk of carbon monoxide build-up. Geothermal
systems provide
safe, reliable heating and cooling throughout the year.
Comfort Environmental Benefits
  Geothermal systems provide constant, even heating in winter and improved
humidity control during the warmer months. There is no unsightly outdoor
condensing unit
, and the self-contained in-door system runs smoothly
and quietly.
  Greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced with the use of geothermal systems,
as they eliminate the on-site burning of fossil fuels and dramatically reduce the need for power generation.

  Paradigm Building Solutions Inc. proudly represents the unique and patented EnviroLink product line, manufactured by Innovative Geothermal Systems Inc. (www.innovativegeo.com)


Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) consist of two pieces of expanded polystyrene (EPS) held together by plastic spacers or ties. When strengthened with steel rebar and filled with concrete, the EPS remains in place as part of the wall system, producing a product with cumulative advantages and benefits that surpass any other product available today.
Used for foundations, exterior and interior partition walls, ICFs produce buildings that are stronger, more durable, quieter, and more energy efficient than those constructed of any other building material. ICFs are also one hundred percent environmentally friendly.
The combination of the EPS and concrete walls creates an insulation value as high as R-50, dramatically reducing the cost of heating and cooling the structure. As the EPS forms maintain the concrete’s optimum temperature for curing, the walls continue to harden through the passage of time.
ICF walls are impervious to rot and decay, requiring little or no maintenance. They achieve superior sound attenuation and fire ratings, and they also eliminate air infiltration, creating more comfortable environments, free of pollutants that can cause or exacerbate allergies.
Building with ICFs dramatically reduces the construction time required to complete a project, and they provide far greater design flexibility than is otherwise achievable. Paradigm proudly represents IntegraSpec® (www.integraspec.com) insulated concrete forms in North America, South America, the Caribbean, throughout the Middle East and Africa, as well as India, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Malta, the Philippine Islands, Australia and New Zealand.
IntegraSpec’s engineering excellence and commitment to research and development has produced the penultimate ICF: a more user-friendly product, easier and more economical to transport and with the least amount of product wastage in the industry.
As the only ICF on display in Canada’s Science & Technology Museum, in Ottawa, Ontario, IntegraSpec® has completed award-winning projects that have far surpassed the anticipation and expectations of architects, planners, engineers and contractors throughout the construction world
PBS represents a full range of superior quality, energy efficient and environmentally friendly residential lighting products, for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Investing in energy efficient residential lighting results in up to 75% energy savings; reduced demand on the electricity grid; a significant reduction in greenhouse gases; and up to 10 times the bulb life of inefficient incandescent lights.
The PBS product line includes CFL, LED, HID, High Pressure Sodium, and Metal Halide lighting. Quality fixtures and accessories provide solutions for both retrofit and new home installations. The company provides a minimum performance guarantee for all PBS products used according to the company’s recommendations.
PBS offers superior quality, energy efficient and environmentally responsible lighting solutions for a full range of indoor and outdoor applications, including solar and/or thermal powered street lighting.
Whether retrofitting an existing facility or for new construction, PBS products average energy savings of 40 to 60 percent; reduce demand on the electrical grid; significantly reduce costs; lower greenhouse gas emissions; and provide favorable cost-benefit recovery periods. Bulb life expectancy is 5 times that of regular lighting.
PBS supports the company’s products with a minimum performance guarantee when installed and used according to recommendations.
Paradigm represents a unique and patented power supply protection system designed to prevent damage caused by lightning strikes, power spikes, surges, or brownouts. Available for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional applications, this highly proven system also removes damaging transient noise and reduces the harmonic effect.  
In addition to protecting against fire, lost production time and damage to machinery, electrical systems, appliances and computer equipment, this protection system results in increased operational efficiency, reduced maintenance and extended life of electrical equipment, as well as a reduction in electricity consumption.
The strength of this superior product lies in its ability to react to dangerous strikes, spikes and surges in less than one nanosecond, or one billionth of a single second. It is rated to recycle and dissipate over voltage conditions of less than 10 percent above the rated current entering a premise, as well as lightning induced surges of 15,000 amps or less.
In situations substantially exceeding the system’s impressive peak amperage rating, the product will sacrifice itself, shorting the electrical distribution system to prevent equipment damage within the facility.  
The product is supported by a lifetime product warranty.  
Paradigm highly recommends radiant floor heating for residential, commercial and industrial project applications. The benefits of radiant floor heating include increased energy efficiency, reduced costs, increased comfort, and an environment that is cleaner, quieter, and healthier.
As the heat rises from the floor and radiates throughout each room, radiant heating systems provide an even, constant flow of heat, reducing heat loss by approximately 25 percent, thereby lowering energy consumption.
With the heat concentrated at the floor, a room’s inhabitants remain comfortable while maintaining a lower room temperature, providing cooler, fresher air to breathe. Radiant heating systems do not dry out a person’s breathing passages, decreasing the risk of infection. There is no circulation of dust, bacteria, viruses or allergens.
With no fans or blowers, rooms are peaceful and quiet. There are no radiators, baseboards, hot-air registers and cold-air returns detracting from room décor or interfering with furniture placement. Room temperatures can be controlled individually.
Radiant floor heating systems are flexible in design, with a solution available for almost any application, whether heating a single room or an entire structure.
Paradigm represents a corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of leading edge commercial/industrial networked security, communications and risk management systems.
While typically employed in multi-residential building complexes such as condominiums, retirement communities, medical facilities and luxury villas, the PBS product line also features advantages and benefits for office towers, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial applications. A typical site will operate from 600 - 1,500 network devices operating twenty four hours per day, virtually maintenance free, for 15 to 20 years.
Offering total systems integration, for maximized efficiency at minimal cost, in a non-proprietary environment, current products and services include:
Suite monitoring Entry phone Systems
Medic Systems Elevator Control
Visitor Control Laundry Control
Text Messaging Email Notification
Intercom Systems Emergency Systems
Parking Control Access Control
Recreation Control CCTV Control
Remote Monitoring On-Site Paging
New Products/Services
The supplier has developed an intranet/internet security system employing open architecture / non-proprietary equipment. This open - source VOIP initiative will include a communications gateway to send voice and video anywhere in the world, to any device supporting the SIP VOIP protocol.
New, multi-nodal Rf communications products have been designed, based on published protocol specifications, that, when properly installed, are not susceptible to a loss of the Rf signal. The company has designed new locking products featuring real-time access control; a patented energy-transfer mechanism that eliminates the need for electrified hinges and routing; and the ability to imbed Rf communications in the locking mechanism.
A new and patented rotating ball, shut-off valve, for use with both water and natural gas, confirms closure of the lines whenever a water or gas leak is detected. This exciting new product minimizes the risk of property damage due to water or natural gas leaks, while dramatically reducing the cost of maintenance/repairs/replacement/insurance for buildings, furnishings and equipment.